History of the Manor and Seuilly


This stylish house is located in the heart of Seuilly small village, part of Unesco's global heritage. This manor, made of old rocks and granted with an octogonal tower, was the former house of the Abbey director. It was built during the XVth century. The famous French writer françois Rabelais lived in the manor during a period of time, as he was born in Seuilly in 1494. He studied for a while in the Abbey, in which takes place one of the funniest chapters on the Picrocholines wars, in his famous novel Gargantua.

The Seuilly Abbey was at first a simple priory founded in 1095 and dedicated to Saint Peter, to the Saint-sepulchre and then to Notre Dame. It was turned into an Abbey around 1100 (Saint Benoît's order). In 1416, part of the church and the convent was destroyed by a fire and then rebuilt from 1466 to 1491. The decadent abbay was legally declared abandonned in 1736, as it only hosted 4 monks at that moment.

On March 14th of 1751, a hurricane devastated the Abbey church, which was never repared. Only a XVth-century building is left, called the chaplaincy house. The four-angled building is limited by 2 cogs in rondelis.

pictures: Abbey Manor, Seuilly Abbey, The "Devinière".